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Estro Support

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Our Estro Support consists of a mixture of 100% natural Alkaline herbs particularly selected for women's cleansing properties. 


RED CLOVER:  Among its uses, Red Clover is used to alleviate indigestion, high cholesterol, whooping cough, cough, asthma, bronchitis, and menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, breast pain or tenderness, and premenstrual syndrome.

DAMIANA LEAF:  Damiana is a natural sexual stimulant. Assist with Anxiety, Bed-wetting, Constipation, Depression, Headache, Nervous stomach, and Sexual problems (aphrodisiac). Traditional uses of damiana include nervousness, weakness, and fatigue. One of the safest and most popular herbs known for restoring natural sexual capacity and function. Traditionally, this herb has been recommended for increasing sperm counts in males and boosting the production of eggs in females. 

BlUE VERVAIN: Its effect is to expel mucus from the lungs and throat through sweat, thus preventing colds, coughs, and fever. As a result of the sweating and diuretic effect, it is an excellent herbal remedy for removing toxins from the body. Although it is not recommended to use during pregnancy since it stimulates the uterus, blue vervain can be used for increasing labor contractions in labor and for increasing a mother's milk supply for nursing. The herb is also useful for inducing menstruation, regulating menstrual cycles, relieving premenstrual symptoms, and increasing libido. In addition, the tea can be used externally to soothe burns, wounds, snakebites, and vaginal itching.

BUGLEWEED:  Bugleweed is used to lower high thyroid hormone levels (hyperthyroidism). It is rich in Iron Fluorine. In addition, to alleviate premenstrual syndrome and breast pain, it is also used to reduce anxiety, insomnia, and bleeding. Excellent for heavy bleeding during menstruation and nose bleeds. 

RASPBERRY LEAF: The herb is also known as "the woman's herb," since it contains vitamins and minerals necessary for female health, such as magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium. It is particularly effective for relieving nausea, soothing leg cramps, and improving sleep. The herb can be used to support immunity, pregnancy, labor, and dental health. 

Suggested Use: 2 teaspoons for an 8oz serving of spring water. Boil water, then steep for 15 minutes before serving.

The 2oz bag of herbs will last about 3-4 weeks. 

1-2 cups daily is the recommended dose.

 Avoid If Pregnant or Breastfeeding


Net Weight 2oz (56.7g) 


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Leonardo Santiago (Fort Myers, US)
Very good product

Noticed a big difference after I started using this product

Patti Saponaro (Flower Mound, US)
Estro Support I love it. I need to reorder

I am Loving these teas

Lorenzo A Arreguin (Pearland, US)
Estro support

My wife loved it & the alkaline tea

CmH (Chino Hills, US)

I use a week or two before my menstrual and I add nettle leaf and more damiana. No cramps before or during and it’s lighter. Highly recommend

Jacqueline Uter (Maple Heights, US)
Love it

This tea has definitely help with my menopausal symptoms hot flashes have decreased and my overall mood has also improved. I’d definitely purchase again!