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The Smooth Generation

Wildcrafted Raw Sea Moss (JAMAICA)

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Sea moss is a type of algae, which has been part of the human diet for thousands of years. In addition to being consumed historically in places like the Caribbean and Ireland, sea moss has been used medicinally in other cultures for decades, to treat conditions ranging from coughs and infections to low libido.

SEA MOSS -  Scientifically known as Chondrus crispus, It grows in waters along the rocky Atlantic coasts, primarily between North America, Caribbean Islands, and Europe. It's an edible sea plant similar to other seaweeds, algae, and other familiar leafy sea vegetables like kelp or dulse.

Contains the highest concentration of calcium on earth. There are minerals essential for the strengthening of the immune system. It boosts the body's ability to fight disease. This leads to increased energy and nutritional content. The natural properties of this plant help with the treatment of Aphrodisiac disease, lowering blood pressure, resolving cough and sore throat symptoms, boosting the immune system, and enhancing thyroid function.
Healthier Skin and Hair. (apply the gel directly to your skin and hair) In addition to providing antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, sea moss has antioxidant properties that can help combat acne. In fact, some people use the mask to relieve eczema, dermatitis, burns, and psoriasis


Our Raw Wildcrafted Gold Sea Moss is harvested from the waters of Jamaica directly from the ocean. 

When our sea moss is harvested, it is then sun-dried. No chemicals or additional heat is used to speed the drying process. 

Contains Essential Minerals

Iodine | calcium | sulfur | Potassium | Iron | copper | zinc | Magnesium



  • Soak the sea moss overnight in water. 
  • Drain + Rinse the sea moss. (consider saving this water to use as a face rinse or add to your bath for added minerals).
  • Blend sea moss and indicated amount of clean, spring water.
  • Store in a glass jar in the fridge and consume within 3 weeks.


You can freeze it for extended life of 6 months. (Freeze in a plastic container to avoid cracked glass)

QR code on the label can be scanned with a smartphone to watch a video of us making the sea moss gel.

Extraordinary for All Ages:

It is recommended that adults consume 1-2 Tablespoons daily.
It is also wonderful for children to have as a part of their daily nutrition!
1-2 teaspoons daily are adequate for kids over age 2.



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Sammm (Lewisburg, US)

this is the best seamoss!! you can tell it’s authentic straight from the sea. i was reading all these reviews on here of people saying it doesn’t expand as much as it should.. REAL SEAMOSS doesn’t expand. if you are buying seamoss and it doubles in size when you soak it, it’s not authentic!! THIS IS AS AUTHENTIC AS IT GETS!!! i will be buying more.

Aaron Owens (Milpitas, US)
The best Seamoss in the world

Holy sh*t this Seamoss is the real deal! I’ve been taking 2 tablespoons a day and just after 3 days I’ve noticed more energy and faster recovery. MY WOUNDS HEAL FASTER! I use this Seamoss combined with the alkaline tea on a RAW VEGEN DIET. MOSTLY ORGANIC WATER RICH FRUITS & VEGGIES! I’m definitely looking forward to trying the testo tea and buying bulk Seamoss! I’m going to make Seamoss soap bars and shampoo!!

Cristian Golat (Troy, US)

great. didn't grow during soaking period, i left it a whole day just in case, but no luck. I also couldn't make a gell out of it, but that's probably because my blender is pretty old and not that good. anyway, as long as it contains 92 minerals I'm satisfied with my purchase.

Crystal Johnson (Atlanta, US)
Did not like

I am use to a thicker seamoss and this seamoss just not expand during the soaking process nor did it blend into a nice Gel. Herbs were great but seamoss not so great.

Mayan (Surrey, CA)
This is the real deal!

Great product 👌 I don't normally blend it because I don't like the taste, instead, I grind it and put it in a pill form.